Direct Link Service

We are delighted to acknowledge your interest in our Direct Link advisory services and we sincerely appreciate your initiative to embark on this journey with us. In light of this, we would like to underscore the distinct advantages of enrolling with 0SPX AutoTrades through Direct Link, rather than simply relying on a computer system to activate newsletter alerts on your brokerage account via an indirect connection.

Enhanced Risk Management

Our expert trading team has the advantage of direct access to your account, thus empowering them to initiate and oversee positions in real-time. This facilitates swift entry and exit from trades. In the trading arena, each second is precious, and even a millisecond can create a significant impact.

Superior Profit Margin

Being the custodians of your account, we are adept at managing precise position sizing for every client and achieving an optimal fill price. This strategy maximizes profits and crucially reduces risks, an aspect which is challenged by newsletters due to inherent limitations.

Early Access to Innovative Trading Strategies

Our dedicated team tirelessly devises, fine-tunes, and applies strategies aimed at providing you a competitive edge under diverse market conditions. While bullish trends may seem straightforward to many, the unpredictability of bearish onslaughts can be daunting. Instead of yielding to such worries, rest assured that you can depend on a seasoned team that consistently stays a step ahead.

Reduced Subscription Fee

Set the course for regular success by diversifying your portfolio with our proven strategies. We do not impose any management fees, charging only a nominal monthly subscription of $59.99 plus the performance fee.

Transparent Performance Fee Structure

We pride ourselves on our transparent and simple performance fee structure, grounded in our belief that our success mirrors your success. For a comprehensive understanding of our fee structure, please refer to:


Thank you once again for your interest in 0SPX AutoTrades. Should you choose to transition, please feel free to reach out to us. We’re here to assist you.