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Invest in Options Strategies

Welcome to the world of strategic investing with options, where innovative strategies meet tailored risk management. Options are versatile financial instruments that can enhance the performance and resilience of your investment portfolio within our option strategies framework.

What are Options?

Options are contracts that give investors the right (but not the obligation) to buy or sell assets, such as stocks or commodities, at a predetermined price within a specified time period. This flexibility allows investors to capitalize on market opportunities and manage risk effectively. 

Strategy Integration

At 0SPX, we integrate options strategies seamlessly into our investment approach. By combining hedge fund expertise with the power of options, we aim to optimize returns while carefully managing downside risks for our investors.

Benefits of Options Strategies in Your Portfolio


Options provide unique opportunities to diversify portfolios beyond traditional asset classes, enhancing overall risk management.

Risk Mitigation

Hedge fund strategies utilizing options can help protect against market volatility and potential downturns, preserving capital in uncertain times.

Potential for Enhanced Returns

Leveraging options can unlock additional sources of income and capitalize on market inefficiencies, potentially boosting overall portfolio returns.

Key Options Strategies Unveiled

At 0SPX, we leverage the unique capabilities of options to enhance portfolio performance and manage investment risks. Here’s a closer look at some of the essential options strategies we employ within our offerings, each chosen for its potential to address specific investor needs and market conditions.

Covered Calls

Covered calls involve holding a long position in an asset while simultaneously selling call options on the same asset. This strategy is used to generate income from the option premiums, which can provide a steady income stream to investors.
Key Benefits

Income Generation:

  • Collecting premiums provides additional income, which can be particularly attractive in flat or moderately rising markets.

Downside Protection:

  • The income received from selling the option can offset potential declines in the asset’s price, offering some protection against losses.

Covered Puts

Protective covered puts involve purchasing put options for an asset that you own. This strategy acts as an insurance policy, offering protection against a significant drop in the asset’s price.
Key Benefits

Downside Protection:

  • It limits the potential losses from owning the underlying asset, which is crucial during volatile or declining markets.

Portfolio Stability:

  • Helps maintain portfolio value, providing peace of mind to investors concerned about short-term risks.

Spread Strategies

Spread strategies involve buying and selling options of the same type (call or put) but with different strike prices or expiration dates. Examples include vertical spreads, horizontal spreads, and diagonal spreads.
Key Benefits

Defined Risk and Reward:

  • These strategies typically limit both potential loss and gain, allowing for precise control over risk exposure.


  • We tailor these strategies to various market outlooks, from bullish to bearish or even neutral.

Volatility Plays

Strategies like straddles and strangles allow investors to profit from significant moves in an asset's price, regardless of the direction. These involve buying or selling pairs of calls and puts with the same expiration dates but differing strike prices.
Key Benefits

High Profit Potential:

  • These strategies can yield significant returns if the underlying asset moves substantially, either up or down.

Market Agnosticism:

  • They are particularly useful in uncertain markets where the direction of the move is unclear but volatility is expected to increase.
By incorporating these options strategies into our offerings, we aim to enhance portfolio performance while managing risk across varying market conditions. These strategies are part of our commitment to providing sophisticated and customized investment solutions to our clients.

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Your Common Options Questions, Answered.

What advantages do options strategies offer within an offering?
  • Strategic Depth: Options allow for strategic diversity, enabling our strategies to exploit a variety of market conditions and sentiments, from bullish to bearish or neutral.
  • Enhanced Returns: By incorporating options, we aim to enhance potential returns through leverage, without correspondingly increasing the initial capital outlay.
  • Risk Control: Options are pivotal in our risk management framework, allowing us to hedge other positions and limit downside exposure effectively.
How do our strategy managers utilize options?
  • Our team uses options to construct asymmetric payoff structures that can lead to higher returns with controlled risks. Strategies like protective puts and covered calls are staples in managing and mitigating market volatility, aligning with our broader investment objectives.
What should I know before incorporating options strategies in my portfolio?
  • Understanding Risk and Reward: It’s vital to comprehend the specific risks associated with options trading, such as the potential for rapid losses and the effects of time decay on option valuations.
  • Investment Goals Alignment: Investors should consider how options fit within their overall investment strategies, particularly in terms of risk tolerance and market outlook.
  • Active Management Requirement: Options often require more frequent monitoring and management than other investment types, a task our hedge fund is equipped to handle.
Who should consider investing in options strategies?
  • Options are suited for accredited investors looking for advanced investment strategies that offer high potential returns. Ideal candidates are those who are comfortable with the inherent risks and complexities of options trading and have a long-term investment perspective. Our option offerings are particularly well-equipped to serve sophisticated investors seeking diversified, actively managed strategies that aim to outperform traditional investments during various market cycles.

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