There’s no secret to long-term wealth, but if there were it would be this:

automated index investing.

Even with the inevitable ups and downs of the market, our expert-built, globally-diversified Automated Investing Account makes it easy to start building long-term wealth by managing your risk, maximizing returns, and minimizing taxes.

What level of risk suits you best? ➳

You make it custom. We’ll do the rest.

Choose from hundreds of funds in categories like clean energy, tech, and crypto and we’ll handle the trades and rebalance your portfolio for you. Or start with a portfolio designed around your values with our Socially Responsible portfolio. We make it easy and safe to customize by helping you see when your choices won’t be in line with your preferred risk level.

Securities shown are for illustrative purposes only, and are not a recommendation to buy or hold.

Tax Loss Harvesting benefits will vary. Wealthfront doesn’t provide tax advice.

Our not-so-secret ingredient? Automation✨

Keep your eyes on the big picture, your other investments, or basically anything besides the busywork. We rebalance your portfolio, automatically diversify deposits, and can help save you taxes, all without you ever lifting a finger.

Let your taxes pay you for a change.

Tax-Loss Harvesting can find many small wins to boost your after-tax returns.

Our software monitors your investments to automatically trade similar assets that lose value, which can help you lower your tax bill while still keeping your portfolio on track. When you offset your capital gains by claiming many small losses, you can put the savings right back to work in the market. No tractors or shovels required.

Our fee is small,
but we think it’s a really big deal.


For just 0.25% a year, Automated Investing Account clients get all the benefits of always-on automation, expert-curated portfolios, and Tax-Loss Harvesting that typically covers our fee more than 6x over.

Investing that accounts for
your needs.

We’re here if you need us