Three Tidbits (5/15)

Apple to Invest $1 Billion in Electric Vehicle Start-Up Arrival

Apple announced its plans to invest $1 billion in the UK-based electric vehicle start-up, Arrival. The tech giant aims to strengthen its position in the electric vehicle market and enhance its green initiatives. Arrival specializes in developing electric commercial vehicles using advanced technologies like robotics and autonomous driving systems. This investment will support the development of next-generation electric vehicles and contribute to Apple’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. The collaboration between Apple and Arrival highlights the growing interest of tech companies in the EV sector and their commitment to sustainable transportation solutions.

Twitter Launches Super Follows Feature, Allowing Users to Earn Money

Twitter has introduced its Super Follows feature, enabling users to monetize their content and earn money on the platform. With this new feature, creators can offer exclusive content to their followers for a monthly subscription fee. Super Follows provides an opportunity for creators to diversify their revenue streams and build a closer connection with their audience. This move by Twitter is part of the company’s broader strategy to increase its revenue and compete with other platforms in the creator economy. By empowering creators to monetize their content, Twitter aims to attract more influential individuals and enhance user engagement.


Google Acquires AI Chip Start-Up, Heliogen

Google has acquired Heliogen, an artificial intelligence (AI) chip start-up, as part of its ongoing efforts to bolster its AI capabilities. Heliogen specializes in designing energy-efficient AI chips that can handle complex machine learning tasks. With this acquisition, Google aims to enhance its data processing capabilities and optimize AI workloads across its platforms. The acquisition aligns with Google’s strategy to invest in AI research and development and maintain its competitive edge in the tech industry. By incorporating Heliogen’s AI chips into its infrastructure, Google aims to improve the efficiency and performance of its AI-powered services and products.